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If your dream wedding is a private venue surrounded by no one other than Mother Nature, then Holly Tree Country Club might be the right place for you to host your wedding. Holly Tree Country Club is surrounded by beautiful scenery and an expansive landscape that includes several small lakes, an 18-hole golf course, and enchanted woodlands. Nestled snugly in the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains, you and your guests will fall in love with the scenery! Indeed, Holly Tree Country Club is the premier place to host wedding events near Greenville.

You can host both the wedding and the reception here, making your Big Day a lot less stressful for yourself and your guests. Holly Tree Country Club has multiple indoor and outdoor facilities to accommodate your Big Day needs and activities.

Fill Your Wedding Day With Memories at Holly Tree Country Club

In addition to the pristine beauty and natural, stunning vistas that are synonymous with Holly Tree Country Club, this is also one of the most amenity-rich wedding centers near Greenville. For example, unlike many Greenville wedding venues, you don't have to bring your own stuff when you plan your wedding day here- it comes with the venue automatically! All you have to do is book your date, pay a deposit, and we'll see you then! All of the tables, chairs, stages, TV monitors, surround sound, portapotties; it's all yours or the entire day! We even have a grand ballroom, a dining room, and a clubhouse. And this is by no means an exhaustive list of our amenities and facilities!

We Have Our Own Preferred Vendors

Further, planning any kind of event can be overwhelming, especially when we are talking about a wedding event! This is true if for no other reason than, at weddings, everything has to be just perfect. It can be a real pain trying to plan and prepare for a wedding and have to manage all of the vendors as well. That is why Holly Tree Country Club has our own recommended vendors, but of course, you may choose your own if you'd like to. Holly Tree Country Club partners with some of the best vendors around Greenville to save our clients money and provide the best services around. Here are some of the vendors we can provide or you:

  • DJs
  • Live bands
  • Photographers
  • Cake companies
  • Florists
  • Rental companies

Let Us Help You Plan Your Wedding

In addition to providing our guests with an amazing, all-natural, beauty-filled, elegant wedding venue with dozens of amenities, and multiple facilities, Holly Tree Country Club will also work with you to plan the wedding and the ceremony. On the day of the wedding, our team will be dressed for the occasion. Don't worry though; they'll stay out of your way. They are merely in the background to handle any concerns quickly should they come up. Other than that, we want you to feel like you own the place, so have at it!

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